Couples Private Immersion Weekend

Let me introduce you to Jake and Elena (real names changed to protect their privacy) – together for 18 years, married with two young children – who share their experience of their private 1-2-1 coaching immersion weekend with us.

We worked with them face to face over two days, guiding them step by step into deeper connection and trust, more authentic expression, open-hearted sharing of their true desires, greater confidence and sexy, sensual playfulness.

The weekend involved open discussions around ongoing challenging issues in communication, understanding, connection sex, intimacy – many of the very common problems we see with couples around the world.

We listened carefully to what was most important to each of them, and we paid great attention to how each spoke with the other. Most importantly we saw how they each retracted when there was something difficult to say and also how they responded to what the other said and did. This is where the most work needs to be done.

The first steps were in practical guidance in catching and changing disempowering interactions with each other, guiding each through individual practices to help them each show up clear, grounded and open to dive into each new moment. These practices are at the core of personal and relationship transformation.

During breaks this couple were given fun, creative lunch and dinner assignments to take their new tools, strategies and fresh ways of being out into the real world.

They are now in a whole new potent, confident and creative space, ripe for diving deeper into each moment together, their love and passion for each other opened and ignited in how they now each show up with their new ways of being.

This is where the real juice is….

What did you like about working in this format?


Wow… What did I like?? I liked every single thing!! It’s so incredibly powerful, it’s soooooo worthwile to have that instant feedback at the spot. All the little tips and tricks… I felt there was nothing unseen.. Which makes it incredibly profound!


Very intense, very detailed, non-verbal communication works better face to face. Duration is longer so it is possible to dive in even deeper. The ability to do physical stuff like attention for posture etc.

What did you specifically like about working with Lisa & Mo?


I was surprised how natural it felt to be around you, it was exactly what we needed to push us to a different level.
In working with Lisa and Mo in person you get to see “the real thing” right in front of you. I loved watching the interactions between you guys! I loved to see all Mo’s ways to restore polarity and It was profound witnessing Lisa opening up and no holding back.


Your openness, the willingness to share intimate play. The clear feedback, your flexible approach to what surfaces.

Would you recommend an immersion experience with Lisa & Mo to other couples? Why?


Yes! The deeper you are willing to dive, the more you’ll get out of it. I would always recommend it because I feel that Mo and Lisa have so much to offer. They are two very gifted people.


Yes, this is an excellent way of deepening relationships, to find out about disfunctional patterns and opening up through them.

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