A windy hilltop in Auckland, New Zealand

On a windy hilltop in Auckland, New Zealand!!

Hi, we’re Mo Latin and Lisa Page – a real world couple with more than 25 years of combined training and experience as certified coaches specialising in relationships, sex and intimacy.

Our passion is helping committed, busy couples create extraordinary, passionate and deep loving relationships – alive, embodied and free … deepening trust, connection and intimacy … increasing sexual attraction, desire and passion … deepening lovemaking for truly connected and fulfilling sacred sex and intimacy.

We’ve been practicing, teaching and evolving our work over many years, and continue to help couples worldwide to successfully overcome their individual and relationship challenges and transform their relationship into what they most deeply desire – one that sustains them to create amazing, inspiring, passionate partnerships and lives together.

We can help you do this too.

We know what it’s like to go through hard times.

We’ve been there.

We also know how to use those troubled times to deepen your relationship rather than fold under the pressure and break up.

We’ve invested the time and money in our own personal and relationship work (well over six figures), as well as our professional development over the last 15+ years, and we constantly live what we teach.

‘Living Loving Deeper’ is a way of life – a way of truly living and loving deeper in each moment, to experience more of life in each moment through

  • conscious practice of real presence to being fully with what is here right now (not in the past).
  • responding to each moment from a clear, grounded, open place.
  • communication that reaches resolution now, without residue or resentment carried forward as emotional baggage or held on to, to drag back in as ammunition at a future time.
  • authentic, full and complete expression and exploration of your deeper truth, whether it be painful or pleasurable.
  • self-responsibility, in showing up full, clear of history, tension, resentment or drama.
  • embodiment of both the light and shadow, bringing expanded, authentic being, greater emotional bandwidth and capacity, and fuller expression in everyday life, relationship, sex and intimacy.

Our passion is to share this way of life with committed, conscious couples around the world.

Mo Pic 1International Speaker and Teacher Mo Latin started his career with 20+ years in the London music industry as a recording engineer, producer and lecturer, refining the art of eliciting the very best in artistry when working with international performers. He went on to both study and work for 7 years with some of the world’s leading teachers, speakers and entrepreneurs, producing their events and trainings in business, spiritual and personal development.

On this path came formal training and qualifications in coaching, NLP, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy, EFT and other therapeutic modalities, ensuring a broad, solid foundation and experience in deep personal and transformational work.

This challenging and inspiring journey also included thousands of hours study and practice in his own personal passions of 5-Rhythms freefrom dance, blackbelt Japanese martial arts, model photography and The Art of Japanese Shibari – erotic rope bondage.

These decades of study and personal practice are now at the core of his transformational work in helping men, women and couples with deepening connection, trust and intimacy in relationships and sexuality, with a strong grounding and focus in physical embodiment.

Mo has led men’s groups internationally and worked with hundreds of men, women and couples from all walks of life over many years, offering men’s coaching, relationship counselling, couples intensives, and workshops, and specialising in his passion of helping individuals and couples to explore the darker edges of sexuality.


Lisa PageAs a Sacred Intimacy & Relationship Coach, Women’s Empowerment Catalyst, and Intimate Conversationalist, Lisa brings a unique blend of relational psychology, tantric arts and embodiment practice to help women, men and couples finally create the depth of soul satisfying sex, love and intimacy they’ve always (and oftentimes secretly) desired.

She’s an International Speaker having presented workshops and seminars in Australia, NZ, Asia, UK and Europe. She has also delivered live online keynote presentations, seminars and workshops to a global audience of women, reaching thousands of people worldwide.

Lisa is the Founder of ‘Soul Satisfaction for Women’, a global education business that provides mentoring, coaching, and information products that inspire and empower smart, successful women who want more out of life, love and intimacy.

She is the author of ‘Life, Love & Intimacy’, ‘Breathe Baby Breathe’ and co-author of ‘Picture Them Naked’. She is also the feminine force behind ‘Intimate Conversations with Great Mystics, Wise Teachers & Everyday Lovers.’

Lisa is deeply passionate about sharing integral wisdom, profound feminine practices, cutting edge research and powerful tools that can be applied easily in everyday life.