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Conflict? Blame? Stress? Stuck in the past and arguing about it? This creates an unhealthy downward spiral with loss of trust, emotional connection and intimacy. Learn how to resolve the past and free yourself of destructive, painful patterns to create a renewed sense of love, connection and intimacy.


Discover ways to create heartfelt connection, real love and deeper intimacy. Become aware of the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy in your relationship so you can understand each other at a deeper level and create the relationship you truly desire, and have always secretly wanted.


Tap into ‘source’ of lasting, loving, erotic attraction between you. Awaken your capacity for embodied freedom and ecstatic sex and intimacy. Learn how to explore the edgy and ecstatic realms of sacred sex or conscious kink, in a way that deepens trust, connection, and brings you closer together.

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Mo Latin

As a real world couple, each with 18+ years of training and experience as certified relationship and intimacy coaches, what Mo and I have discovered is that if you want real and lasting change in your life, sex or intimacy, you’ve got to dive deeper than superficial solutions, quick fixes, or just ‘talking’ about the problem.

Are you on the verge of divorce … or do you just want more?

Sometime couples come to us because they’re on the verge of separation or divorce. With others, things are ‘ok’ … but there’s something missing, and they know, deep down, that there’s more they could be experiencing with each other in their life and in their sex and intimacy. We also work with couples who want to explore the edgy and ecstatic realms of sacred sex or conscious kink.

Our clients create powerful results:

We work with amazing couples from around the world and are privileged to see them transform their relationship difficulties into powerful opportunities to explore, embody and experience what they most deeply desire.

Here’s a taste of what clients have transformed by working with us…

  • We supported an Australian couple to consciously navigate a deeply painful time in their relationship. In our work with them, they cleared hurt from the past and identified childhood wounding that was sabotaging their relationship. They learned new ways to communicate and be with each other; free of shame or blame. As a result, they found a deeper love and authenticity with each other.
  • We worked with a couple in Europe to transform deeply entrenched patterns of destructive communication so that they could finally ‘be on the same team’ rather than tearing each other down.
  • We worked with a couple in Australia to help them heal their relationship and regain deep trust after they both had multiple affairs. (Yes it’s possible!)
  • We helped a couple in New Zealand overcome their fears of rejection with each other and talk about their secret sexual fantasies and explore them with each other in a way that deepened the love, connection, sizzling hot erotic attraction and trust between them.


“Since we’ve met you…life is so much more worth living, it’s whole, it’s deep, it’s passionate, it’s LOVE!
A big breakthrough for me personally I think it was understanding my man on a whole different level and that we are able to let go more and more and create a new moment of giving every time we f** up!
Our relationship is more fulfilling, more exciting, more joyful, just more of everything! And I feel there is no option for us not to expand. Thank you…”

S.D. - New Zealand

"Our sex is better and deeper than ever – thank you for bringing this to us”

Dr. Frank P

“We feel you are some of the most skilled, talented and knowledgeable counsellors we have come across. We both instantly felt at ease with you and we felt like you both just ‘get’ us and where we are coming from. We definitely clicked and had a great connection with you.
You have an excellent grasp on psychology and the masculine and feminine dynamics. We see you as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of couples counselling and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

N.T. - South Australia

What’s different about the work you do with us?

Our work is not for everyone. It’s a genuine commitment of time and resources. It takes courage to be real, raw and honest about what’s really going on. And it takes dedication to not only talk about it, but to practice embodying the insights you have in your sessions.

What we do know is that when you do … everything changes.

That’s why we created our signature 3-track embodiment couples coaching programme – to give you the guidance, support, tools and practices you need to consciously use your relationship difficulties as an opportunity to discover who you really are, what you really want, and to create the depth of love, trust, connection, passion and intimacy you truly desire.

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