Relationship Skills Training for Conscious Couples & Lovers

Helping committed, conscious couples to deepen connection, trust and intimacy. Greater understanding and communication. Expand your lovemaking, be more sexually adventurous and bring variety and vitality to your everyday relationship.

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Powerful. Supportive. Transformational. Create & explore the life, relationship & sexuality you most desire… from the inside out. What clients say…
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Deep dive into your greatest challenges with powerful real world personal guidance & practice in a safe & sacred container. One couples’ experience…
Fast, profound, embodied results.

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Watch, listen, learn and play.
In depth teaching, live demonstrations & relational practices plus Q&A.
Life changing, fun, refreshing & inspiring.

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‘Living Loving Deeper’

Creating a living, dynamic & vibrant intimate relationship that is fulfilling and passionate requires being fully present and true to yourself & your chosen partner as much as is possible & actively evolving who you are & how you show up day after day.

The exploration, expression & embodiment of our authentic selves – our true masculine & feminine core –grows deeper with understanding & conscious living within the context of intimate relationships & our engagement in everyday life.

Practicing ‘Living Loving Deeper’ brings your fullest integrated being & aliveness to each moment, with refined sensitivity & grounded strength, loving presence & vital potency, sharpened awareness & spontaneous artistry, spacious freedom & dynamic flow… with ever-deepening love, heart-felt compassion & humour… living your truth, heart open, with full body integrity at your widest bandwidth.

Discover creative games, cool powerful tools & simple strategies for vibrant & vital relating, deeper love, connection & passion alongside integrated embodiment of a fresh new you as life’s daily challenges unfold…

Here are just some of the key differences made possible with ‘Living Loving Deeper’:

  • Define The Relationship You Truly Long For & Learn How To Create It
  • Discover How To Bring Freshness & Excitement To Your Loving Every Day
  • Identify & Break Through The Next Layers Of Resistance For Deeper Intimacy
  • Learn How To Expand Your Capacity For Greater Love, Expression & Exploration
  • Clear The Path & Dissolve Tension With Fast & Powerful Conflict Resolution
  • Stay Heart Open & Connected During Emotional Hurt
  • Learn How To Recover Quickly From Conflict & Collapse
  • Dissolve Shame, Blame & Projection To Live Free From Emotional Baggage
  • Deepen Trust, Connection & Love For Authentic Communication & Real Understanding
  • The Masculine-Feminine Matrix: Finally… Understanding The Opposite Sex!!
  • Being Loved For The All Of You, The Real You – In & Out Of The Bedroom
  • Practice Polarity: The Fuel Of Attraction & Desire for Burning Passion & Red Hot Loving
  • OMG Ecstatic Sex Secrets! Explore Tantra, Magnifying Sexual Energy & Conscious F*$%ing
  • The Shadow: Kink & Fantasy – Safely Exploring The Energies & Textures Of Your Darker Edges

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