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Staying Deeply Together While Miles Apart…

Staying Deeply Together While Miles Apart… There are times in life when we have to be apart from our partner and lover for a period of time. This may take us hundreds or thousands of miles away from the one person we connect with deeply, physically, every day. For most people, the need to stay […]

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What do Pornography, Prostitutes & ‘Fifty Shades’ Have In Common?

  We live in a society both obsessed with sex and deeply sexually suppressed. Those who express themselves sexually as mature adults, who ‘come out’ to their friends and family as gay or ‘kinky’ for example, those who simply are more sexual than others, are demonised, victimised, shunned or otherwise negatively judged… ironically by those […]

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Human Needs & Values

Everything we do is driven by our needs and values in life and there are many ‘needs’ and ‘values’ models to help understand how and why we behave in certain ways in different circumstances. Understanding this is essential for your relationship to survive and then thrive, especially when you realise that it is not healthy […]

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Quickest Way to Deepen a Moment of Sexual Intimacy

Quickest Way to Deepen a Moment of Sexual Intimacy Have you ever been in a moment of sexual loving and thought to yourself “Is this it?” One of my clients from New Zealand said to me recently: “How do I deepen my experience of sexual intimacy. My husband is a good man, and our sex […]

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